Image: Lost in the flow

In what direction are you running?

Bob Seger popularized a song about running Against the Wind. It describes our human tendency to resist and fight, instead of “going with the flow.” Our inability to focus, see clearly and adapt easily make life more challenging than it ought to be.

Expert martial artists have learned how to use the force of their opponents to create an advantage against their attackers. Rather than resist, they are flexible and use that force for a powerful counter-attack. Exceptional performing artists relinquish their own traits to totally “assume” the role of their characters and deliver smashing performances. Superior athletes get lost in the heat of battle and drive themselves to new levels of achievement.

Immersing ourselves in our interests and passions helps us get lost in the flow. Time stands still, and we achieve our goals with what seems to be an effortless process. Trader extraordinaire Mark Douglas has described this state of being as “Staying completely focused in the now moment opportunity flow.”

Can you see it? We are running for our life, with the wind at our back.

Are you in the zone and running too?

Which way is the wind blowing for you?

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