Image: A Balance of Power

Positive emotional energy enables us to stay focused when we face the inevitable challenges of life.

Our enthusiasm and passion allow us to focus on discovering solutions instead of focusing on problems. Take a look at what the power of passion, courage and determination can accomplish.

Our attitude generates our power and dictates our level of commitment to a task. Our energy levels are continuously tested in our day-to-day activities and measured by our performances.

Understanding the ebb and flow of our natural rhythms helps keep life in perspective. A matrix of “counterbalances” seems to be essential in finding happiness and harmony in our lives. Physical energy expended requires rest and mental energy exerted needs to be balanced with relaxation. Exercise offsets the dullness of “cabin fever” during a long winter indoors. After social events, we seek solitude. And after reading a book we may enjoy conversations with others.

The proper balance of emotions is equally important for our inner-balance

Emotions of joy are felt upon achievement of something special— and they are counterbalanced with sadness and grief that comes with disappointment. We may experience greed and fear related to our investments. And excitement and impatience may appear when pursuing our goals. But as we learn to listen to our inner-wisdom, we can seek balance and harmony for wealthy living—however you define wealth.

Our emotional attitude gives us a bias towards action. It determines whether we will put all our heart and soul behind an action. Wishy-washy, half-hearted attempts will never allow us to accomplish anything of significance. Lack of commitment to focus on our goals will cause them to fizzle.

Our energy comes from a strong belief within ourselves. This choice to believe or not is always left up to us.

Choose wisely.

Emotional Growth
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