Image: One thing leads to another

Sir Isaac Newton revealed to us that a body once set in motion will continue in that direction until acted upon by an external (or internal) force.

Momentum in our thinking adheres to this same basic principle.

It’s important to continually ask ourselves, “Is the speed of my thinking more important than the quality of my thinking?”

If our thoughts are moving to the negative side, they will continue to accelerate in that direction. Imagine a row of dominoes lined up on end and next to each other. As one is knocked over, they continue to fall in progression.

Thoughts of wealth, health and happiness, or conversely, poverty, sickness and misery work the same way.

Make a conscious effort to keep tipping the dominoes of your thinking in the right direction. Step back from yourself and observe your habitual thoughts and the results you are getting in your life.

Learn to bounce back from adversity. If your thinking is improper, remove a domino down the line to stop the process of destructive thinking. Break the cycle and reverse the direction of your thoughts and results.

If you are on a winning streak, keep doing what is working for as long as the momentum lasts.

See yourself as the master of yourself and life’s experiences.

Emotional Growth
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