Image: Spirals and Inertia
Make a conscious effort to keep tipping the dominoes of your thinking in the right direction. Step back from yourself and observe your habitual thoughts and the results you are getting in your life... Read More >
Image: Self Confidence and Self Esteem
One of the most important tools we can ever develop is our sense of self-respect. Our own innate belief in ourselves largely determines our quality of life... Read More >
Image: Reject Rejection
Focus on what you have left, not what you have lost. The emotional baggage of our negative thinking only intensifies the pain and the length of time we experience this pain... Read More >
Image: Regression to the Mean
Having a cheerful attitude and positive outlook is a valuable tool to create sunny weather in our emotional life... Read More >
Image: Positive Discontent
The zest for life seems to leave us when all we want to do is maintain the status quo. Constantly setting and striving for new goals is the key to maintaining energy and passion for living... Read More >
Image: Happiness
Developing a sense of humor allows us to brush aside typical slights and negative feedback while moving on to our next experience with our self-esteem intact... Read More >
Image: Conquering Fear
Fear is like static drowning out our internal communication system. It short-circuits our connection between our thoughts and our ability to take effective action... Read More >
Image: EnerG
Our enthusiasm and passion allow us to focus on discovering solutions instead of focusing on problems... Read More >
Image: Anger Management
It has been said that if you argue with a fool, soon no one will be able to tell the difference between the two of you. Read More >
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