Image: Self Control

It has been said that if you argue with a fool, soon no one will be able to tell the difference between the two of you. Intellectually we know this to be true, but controlling ourselves in the heat of the moment is another matter entirely—lives have been ruined by people acting on their inflamed emotions.

It’s difficult to exercise discipline and restraint over our actions while our emotions are highly charged. The phenomenon of “road rage” is a prime example. Someone cuts us off on the road, we get angry and respond to our burning desire for retribution and revenge. As we escalate the situation, and irrational behavior takes control, we put ourselves and others who are near us in great danger.

But what would really be gained by retaliating? Yes we were wronged. And yes, it’s not fair. But, we must learn to let it go and use our self-control to remain calm.

How do we do this? See in our mind a clear mental picture of ourselves in control of our emotions. Understand the importance of clarity and serenity in our thinking. When we lose control, we are hurting ourselves. We need to move on and regain control of our decisions so that we can make logical decisions, not emotional ones.

We should practice emotional control every opportunity we get. Not only will this help us in our personal lives, but when making business and investment decisions, clear-headed thinking is a necessary requirement to building real wealth.

No one ever said that self-development was going to be easy. But the rewards are ultimately worth enduring the learning process.

Emotional Growth
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