No matter what they tell us,
No matter what they do,
No matter what they teach us,
What we believe is true. –
No Matter What
– Boyzone (Notting Hill)

One of the most important tools we can ever develop is our sense of self-respect. Our own innate belief in ourselves largely determines our quality of life.

Having self-confidence allows us to tackle problems and challenges effectively. However, this presents a conundrum—how do you build your self-confidence if you don’t already have it?

It seems to be a step by step process, similar to climbing a ladder.

Managers who train boxers, for example, know that it is best to bring their fighters along slowly. They gradually increase the level of difficulty of the competition so that their fighters continue to develop the skills and mindset needed to achieve positive results. Too much too soon and they are overwhelmed, not enough challenge and they fail to grow.

Be patient and expect that there will be setbacks along the way. Two steps forward, one step back is normal in life.

Understand that there will be challenges and obstacles—but anticipate them and develop solutions before they happen to avoid feeling like a victim. The “what needs to be done now?” attitude helps us to maintain our sense of self-worth.

Our own self-esteem must not be compromised. Never. Continue to believe in your ability to get what you want in life.

“Trust in God and believe in yourself.” – Norman Vincent Peale

No truer words were ever spoken. Expand your self-image. And keep expanding it. Over and over in your mind, one by one, see your dreams come true.

Just do it.

Emotional Growth
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