Image: Choose our emotional weather

Left to our own devices, we often regress to the “mean” side of our personality. If we are not vigilant, the weeds of destructive thoughts will grow in the garden of our mind. For roses to bloom there, we need to nurture positive thoughts.

That’s why it helps to have good friends who are not afraid to tell us when we have crossed over the line and our negative side becomes louder, drowning out the positive side of our personality.

But, ultimately, we need to be responsible for our own mental attitude, We must have “emotional circuit breakers” in place to help us deal with negative experiences. For instance, count to 10, take a walk or remove yourself from the stressful situation, but do whatever works for you. Break the cycle of negative thinking as fast as you can.

Do your best to stay focused on the positive side of life. Be realistic, but don’t give in to the cynicism of life. Complaining, whining and griping are negative tools for effective living.

Observing, deciding what needs to be done, acting and evaluating our progress enables us to move beyond the quicksand of negative thinking that displays the “mean” side of our personality.

Having a cheerful attitude and positive outlook is a valuable tool to create sunny weather in our emotional life.

Have you ever experienced the joy of coming home to a dog that ridiculously wags its tail at the sight of you?

Why not be that source of joy for yourself and those important people in your life?

Emotional Growth
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