The emotion of fear is a danger that must be conquered. The following text is taken from the chapter, “Crush the Enemy Called Fear,” in Richard Machowicz’ book Unleash the Warrior Within. We highly recommend adding this to your library.

“Nothing good comes from fear. Not better thoughts, not keener vision, not better action, not better results. Fear causes the body’s natural survival mechanisms to misfire and perform unreliably. The more time it takes to recognize the fear, the longer the body and mind perform unreliably. The longer you put off addressing a problem, the harder it is to solve.

Fear is like static drowning out our internal communication system. It short-circuits our connection between our thoughts and our ability to take effective action.

The culture of fear keeps us in jobs we hate, relationships that are destructive of our self-esteem, and in homes and neighborhoods we don’t enjoy.”

We need to develop mental strategies ahead of time that will allow us to perform under the stressful conditions of life.

Practice courage in the little things. Have an action trigger that breaks the cycle of destructive thinking and create an action mindset that allows us to break down the barriers that hold us back from enjoying life to the fullest.

Emotional Growth
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