Image: Invisble prisons

Professional traders use the terms “support” and “resistance” to indicate various price levels in the markets that seem to repel activity and cause the prices to reverse into the opposite direction.

An easier way to understand these terms is to think of them as “floors” and “ceilings.” They create invisible barriers to cripple momentum. No one is quite sure how this works, only that it does time and again. And as more traders become aware of these levels, they are only strengthened to further demonstrate their powerful attributes.

However, a fascinating observation is that once broken, these levels now reverse roles—past resistance now becomes support.

The same holds true for personal behavior. Many people have noticed the same concept and describe this phenomenon as a “self-fulfilling prophecy.” It’s as if our beliefs have a limiting effect on our performance and no amount of coaxing or luck will change our results until—and unless—we remove these barriers in our mind that hold us back.

Whether you are on a diet to lose weight or trying to save money, the principle is the same. You have not “stumbled” upon the right combination yet.

Somehow, we must continue to challenge our limitations until we eventually find a way to smash through them. Once on the other side, we can set new targets and never look back at the barriers that have held us captive for so long.

Do you want it badly enough? Then find a way. Read, study, visualize, perform, talk with experts and keep trying. Only you can make it happen. Decide that you must achieve your dreams and go for them with unwavering tenacity!

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