Image: Leap-Frog the Limitations of Incremental Thinking

Most of us grasp the concept of climbing a ladder or stair-stepping our way to success. Our minds can understand it comfortably, and intuitively we feel we can improve “little by little.”

Quantum leap thinking bypasses the limitations of incremental thinking, and allows us to “arrive” by express delivery. It is a sudden and significant advance, a “jackpot mentality.”

Woven carefully into your plans, allowing for and encouraging quantum leaps will catapult you into the stratosphere of earnings. It is being in the right place at the right time, and capitalizing on it.

Apply This Concept
If you have ever played any sport, you probably have experienced an incredible feeling when everything was just right. Accomplishment was easy, almost effortless. You were in the zone. Examples abound. Hitting a tennis ball that leaps off the racquet and goes exactly where it is aimed. A baseball struck squarely and hit out of the park. Driving a golf ball that soars three hundred yards and lands in the middle of the fairway. What tremendous joy you will know when you find the same sweet spot in life.
Laws of Wealth
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