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Learn from the Masters who have gone before you.

Knowledge gained through books is valuable. Insight from a mentor who has expertise is priceless.

Mentors are a shortcut to learning. Most of us accept that “experience” is the best teacher. A Mentor has more “experience” in a particular field, whether it be personal growth , small business, or real estate, and we can benefit from the lessons they have already learned.

We do not, however, advocate blindly following a guru; you need to accept total responsibility for your success and results in life. Determine your own path, and go where it leads you. Let Mentors help you with the obstacles along the way.

When we model or copy their actions, attitudes, beliefs, etc., we can save a lot of wasted time and effort. But merely trying to be like someone else isn’t the answer. We are unique, and need to express our purpose through our own individuality.

Learn from a Mentor. Then be a Leader, not a follower.

Apply This Concept
Find a mentor in each of the most important areas of your life. Not too many people are an "expert" in all areas of life. Find the people who can help you develop your areas of specific interest, whether relationships, health, finance, spiritual, etc. Then learn all you can from them. World-class mentors are easily and affordably within the reach of all of us. Through tapes and books, the Wisdom of the ages is being continually captured and disseminated. If you are fortunate enough to have someone who is capable and is willing to monitor and coach you, sit at his feet. As you "grow," give back to others who seek your counsel. Make sure you are listening to true "voices of value": if not it will become a case of the blind leading the blind.
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