Image: Timing, Vison, and Massive Action work Miracles

Knowledge, uninvested in labor, is wasted.”
– Jim Rohn

When an extraordinarily successful and wealthy individual like Bill Gates of Microsoft credits his fortune to a strategy of Timing, Vision, and Massive Action, maybe we should listen.

Timing in life is important, as anyone who has ever run a red light at 60 miles an hour and is still alive can attest. Did you buy or sell the NASDAQ at 5,000? Proper understanding of business cycles and the economy will obviously significantly impact your results.

Vision suggests that opportunity is everywhere, but some opportunities are better than others. A disruptive product or service that contributes positively to a significant portion of the population obviously packs more punch than one that appeals to only a few.

Massive action is the key ingredient that works miracles. A good idea, at the right time, will die stillborn because of a lack of faith or commitment. If you get the ball, run with it: in the right direction!

Apply This Concept
Have you ever had a good idea but failed to act on it? Why? Get in the habit of jotting down your ideas in a place where you can easily find them, and review your thoughts regularly. Evaluate these ideas, and relate their potential according to your intuition and to the laws of wealth we have presented. Learn to differentiate between a trend and a fad. Fads come and go, but trends last longer. It is important that you realistically estimate how long a trend may last. As our friend momentum reminds us, go with the flow. In business and investing, timing is everything. Don't be afraid to start small, then pyramid your success as your understanding and sophistication grow. Is there any limit to the amount of times you can try?
Laws of Wealth
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