Image: Expansion is a good thing unless it's our waistline

Marketing guru Jay Abraham suggests that there are only three ways to continually grow your product or service. Devise systems to build your distribution networks around these three concepts for volume and watch your business grow exponentially.

3 Keys to Volume

  • More people buying your offering (the volume of people)
  • More money per product or service (the volume of $)
  • More frequent and subsequent purchases per person (the volume of product or service)

Carefully construct your business to capture repeat business from existing customers, while expanding to a bigger base of clients. As the base continues to grow, attempt to reduce expenses, bringing your profits per transaction up. And if the customer can be coaxed into buying and enjoying the product more often (once a month instead of once a year), your bottom-line is significantly enhanced.

The formula for success is “Continue to distribute more products or services more frequently to more people more profitably.”

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