Image: Cloning the message

Once we are able to succinctly articulate our message, we need to repeat it over and over until it occupies a place in our prospective client’s mind.

With a limited budget for advertising, critical decisions need to be made.

Most importantly, what is the message we wish to convey?

Repeat that message over and over as clearly, as briefly, as powerfully as we can. We want to be remembered as favorably as possibly the next time the recipients of our message (or their contacts) are ready to make a purchasing decision.

Seventeen times seems to be the magic number needed to penetrate the conscious mind and to lodge as a seed, ready to germinate at the appropriate time.

It is conventional wisdom that is a mistake to “spread yourself too thin” in marketing. It is more important to repeat the same message over and over to a smaller base of potential clients than it is to put your message in front of many clients for fewer exposures. For example, 100 people contacted 10 times will typically yield better results than 1000 people contacted only once.

Now you understand why those annoying TV commercials are repeated over and over.

Focus our energies on the people most likely to take advantage of our product or service, and keep ourselves in front of them until they get the message.

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