Image: The magic words of marketing

Our system of marketing needs to consider that every customer, every potential client, has those magic letters emblazoned on their forehead. They are ONLY concerned about their benefit, their gain, and their advantage from using our product or service. Unfortunately, our payroll, our overhead, our time spent is of little consequence, and unimportant to them.

Comparison-shopping will eventually lead the consumer to find the best value for their money, and they will brag about their “good fortune” to their friends and family.

Here is a difficult question to ask ourselves: Are my customers promoting my business or my competitor’s?In our marketing, forget about our needs, our ego, and our “numero uno” attitude. Remember WIIFM and show our customer as clearly, as distinctly, and as personally why our product or service will help him save time, save money, obtain more value, or whatever else is important to him.

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