Image: What’s In It For Me (WIIFM)?
Comparison-shopping will eventually lead the consumer to find the best value for their money, and they will brag about their "good fortune" to their friends and family... Read More >
Image: Marketing Strategies & Tactics
Become a specialist, where you have a chance at occupying a position in the prospect’s mind... Read More >
Image: Marketing Repetition
Focus our energies on the people most likely to take advantage of our product or service, and keep ourselves in front of them until they get the message... Read More >
Image: Pleasure or Pain
Grant in the mind what people desire in reality. They need to see themselves as already enjoying the benefits... Read More >
Image: Information Overload
The element of surprise is needed to get past our mental defenses... Read More >
Image: Big Three Marketing Principles
Be creative. Be colorful. Be original. But don’t be predictable... Read More >
Image: Customer Satisfaction
Always view your product or service through your customer's eyes to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction. Read More >
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