Image: Which would you rather have?

Marketing revolves around showing your prospects how they can:

  • Avoid Pain, and
  • Move toward Pleasure.

All those smiling faces in magazines and TV! How many campaigns display before photos showing grumpy people and after photos depicting satisfied customers with a big grin?

Grant in the mind what people desire in reality. They need to see themselves as already enjoying the benefits of using our product or service. Society being impatient, give it to them now.

Campaigns currently pit pleasure versus pain.

  • Need to lose weight? A diet product discusses our embarrassment with our weight (pain) vs. our need to look thinner, and therefore more “attractive” (pleasure).
  • No money? Get rich quick: we can’t deal with our job stress, worry or frustration (pain) vs our financial independence (pleasure).
  • Getting older? Hormone drugs, focus on diminished and inadequate sex life (pain) vs. feeling confident, sexy and young again (pleasure).

Move our prospects mentally and emotionally from sad to happy and reap our rewards.

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