Image: Does the customer enjoy using the product or service?

Many small business people see their product or service through their own eyes, and not from their customers. It is one of the biggest reasons they still have a small business.

For example, the business owner wants to cut hair, paint the house, dry clean the clothes, or mow the lawn. For this service, he expects to get paid.

The customer wants to look good, and have his house and yard look good. He is willing to pay for this.

If the services are performed in an ineffective manner, the customer will not enjoy using the product or service. He is not getting what he paid for. It is one of the fastest ways to lose repeat business, as well as future business from referrals.

Do all you can to allow the customer to get the greatest enjoyment from what your company is providing.

Apply This Concept
Let's assume a landscaper installed a new lawn for you. He provided you with leveling and raking the yard. Then he broadcast some grass seed, fertilized it, covered it with hay, and asked you to water it according to his instructions. Two weeks later, after faithfully watering the lawn, you still have only "weeds" to show for your efforts and money. The landscaper wants to be paid for his work. The homeowner wants to roll around and play with his dog and kids on a lawn rather than in the mud and weeds. Is the customer enjoying the product, or merely paying you for doing work? Learn to recognize these problems that recur in your business, and find a way for you and your customer to win. Is it possible to "redo the lawn?" As a cost of doing business, this may create so much good will, that it brings you additional business from this customer. If that is not cost effective, is it possible to offer "insurance" for a minimal fee that spreads the risk out over all your customers? Make sure you understand what it is that your customer wants from you. Then give it to him, and watch him smile.
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