Image: Important questions your customer is asking

Think of yourself in a situation where you are a buyer of a house, car, or other similar major item. You are dealing with a salesperson, and are understandably nervous as this is a major financial decision, and you don’t want to have someone take advantage of you.

Most likely you are thinking:

1. Can I Trust You?
Once your credibility is lost, it is difficult to do business. This fundamental truth cannot be emphasized enough. Do all you can to make sure that your word, act and deed are above reproach. Through the ripple effect, a bad experience gets multiplied to the contacts of the person you are attempting to do business with.

2. Are You Excellent at What You Do?
Why would anyone want mediocre service? If you were getting a heart transplant, would you be willing to settle for an unskilled practitioner? Develop as much skill and expertise as possible, then bring your talent to as big a marketplace as you can reach and service.

3. Do You Care About Me?
This personalizes the service, and brings it home to the exact psychological needs of the customer. No one wants to be treated indifferently, or shown a lack of respect. Shower that person in front of you with the all the attention he wants, create an effective solution for him, and watch how your business grows.

A “yes” answer to all three questions on a consistent basis should be the goal of our business.

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