Image: How can you help more people find good value?

This principle deals with the fundamental concept of adding value. Most people want to help fewer people and charge more money. That’s because their time is finite, limited.

Many people understand the concept of service. In today’s world, the more value you add, the more you become valued. As a small business entrepreneur, your value to the marketplace is often limited by your inability to serve many people at the same time. Your business structure needs to transcend this limitation if you are looking for an escape from the treadmill of life.

A popular question that is often asked by the 9 to 5er reveals their clear lack of understanding of this principle. When their “insufficient salary” is compared with the outrageous income of talented sports figures, entertainers, or rock stars, they can’t comprehend the disparity. What is forgotten is the value these stars create by their ability to attract all those paying customers. Food vendors, electricians, janitors, grounds crews, production personnel, sales and marketing staff to name only a few are some of the many who benefit in this food chain.

We assume that you are helping people and providing a valuable service. The focus of this concept is “How can you do more of it and charge less for it?” You will not find the solution to this dilemma until you break the limitation of thinking in terms of the use of your own personal time.

Think BIG: Find a way to utilize skills and talents you already possess in a much larger scale. How can you help 10 times, 100 or 1000 times as many people in a day? If you helped 10,000 people in a day, could you afford to charge less for the value you have provided?

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