Image: Zig Zag Your Way To Success

Brian Tracy suggests that a sure-fire formula for success is to DOUBLE our failure rate. At first this concept may not make sense; upon closer examination, however, it becomes perfectly clear and logical.

Most of us have been taught to fear failure. It is seen as a sign of incompetence, weakness, of our lacking in ability.

The real secret to the power behind this idea is best understood with an illustration of a guided rocket ship heading to the moon. It is said that throughout the entire journey, the rocket is off course nearly 90% of the time! It is able to reach its target, its goal, by constantly evaluating and correcting its course.

If course correction is so important, doesn’t it make sense to make the mistakes more quickly, more often, to double our failure rate, and learn the lessons that need to be learned so that we can benefit and move beyond the limitations of our present thinking?

The world and accordingly, business, is constantly changing. Nothing is more important to our long-term success than understanding the need to constantly re-evaluate our business plan. New technologies, our competition, world events, and even the pace of change make it imperative to view where we are going from the larger perspective rather than from the “urgency” of our day to day activities.

Step into our fear, and let’s do what needs to be done.

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