Image: Too much, or not enough

When it rains, it pours. Have you ever noticed that vegetable seasons are short? Tomatoes are scarce much of the year, but when they are “in season,” they are everywhere.

We are often presented with this dilemma in our entrepreneurial businesses. We either have too much business, or not enough.

When we have too much business, it’s difficult to give good service to all of our clients or customers. As our service deteriorates, so does our reputation. But if we wish to make more money, we know we need more business. We work hard to generate more customers — or a new “crop” of people. And we find ourselves once again caught in this vicious cycle.

At the core of entrepreneurial lives is the very structure of our business, being dependent on the use of our time. And ultimately, this is what limits our performance.

As self-employed professionals, we need to see our present role as a stepping stone towards building a business that will function without our constant presence.

We must decide how valuable our time is – and build our business accordingly.

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