Image: ...and the world will give back to you multiplied

How do you treat your customers? Does your service end with the sale? Or do you go out of its way to insure their satisfaction?

What one word best describes your customer service policies? Accommodating? Abrasive? Condescending? Helpful? Wavering? Enthusiastic? Indifferent?

The choices are endless, but the good news is you get to make the choice.

Invite feedback. Learn to listen to what is said about you. Consider the advice and then take action to mold your image into a business that makes your customers and clients want to continue to use your products or services.

When determining your business, you must have the customer’s best interest at heart. If you do not provide your customers with outstanding service, your image will be nothing more than an illusive mirage. And no matter how wonderful your products or services may be, hopes for repeat business will disappear.

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