Image: Two Steps Forward, One Back
If course correction is so important, doesn't it make sense to make the mistakes more quickly, more often, to double our failure rate, and learn the lessons that need to be learned... Read More >
Image: Tomatoes
At the core of entrepreneurial lives is the very structure of our business,being dependent or not on our time... Read More >
Image: Three Pillars of Customer Relationships
There are 3 important questions that your customers are always thinking when they are doing business with you... Read More >
Image: Street Smarts
They always seem to be in the right place at the right time. They may not seem overly educated, or read a lot of books,... Read More >
Image: Serve Others
What one word best describes your customer service policies? Accommodating? Abrasive? Condescending? Helpful?... Read More >
Image: More People for Less Money
Think BIG: Find a way to utilize skills and talents you already possess in a much larger scale. How can you help 10 times, 100 or 1000 times as many people in a day?.. Read More >
Image: Business Ethics and Integrity
You will be confronted with situations that continually challenge your business ethics... Read More >
Image: Client or Customer?
Many businesses can easily adopt the philosophy of assisting the people in front of them to get the most out of their encounter, even if the customer is not yet ready to buy... Read More >
Image: Back End of the Business
Financially, it is important to make short term gains, provided it is not at the expense of your long-term interests... Read More >
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