Image: The art and science of business

Do you know anyone who is “street smart?”

They always seem to be in the right place at the right time. They may not seem overly educated, or read a lot of books, or take classes, or seem to have the personality or social graces that are consistent with winners.

And yet, they always seem to be enjoying success.

Whether through intuition, experience or a combination of factors, they get what they want.

A good solution? Mentors. They are a shortcut to help you discover your own path. They have been where you want to go and have learned the pitfalls and challenges to overcome in your quest for financial independence.

The equation? The science comes from your study of books, seminars and mentors. The art form is when you combine your own dreams and actions — and evaluate the results of your experience, and learn to make new decisions through your instincts.

Do you want to be called “street smart?”

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