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Chapter Two.

There are so many role models and Mentors that we believe in that it is hard to select the most important ones to showcase. Owen Meany would certainly acknowledge that he, like most of us, occasionally needs ideas from others. To help us get back on track, we need to learn by experience, and keep practicing what we have learned.


Ben Carson: I tried to kill somebody, almost did.


Ben Carson: Keep trying, take the risk. You have Gifted Hands.”


Nick Vujicic: God’s aren’t.


Nick: Better use them while we can.

The paradox of life continues. The intellectually curious will watch Ben and Nick mentor Owen Meany in these videos.

When it comes to mentors, Brian Tracy certainly comes to mind as a prolific writer, speaker, author, and entrepreneur. His work ethic and production is second to none. One of his significant concepts is the Pareto principle, commonly known as the 80/20 rule. David Bach has written an entire book on this subject, it’s that important.

A lot of celebrities blog, or have websites. Oprah and Dr. Phil have developed a following of fans; they have learned how to connect with people and create powerful interpersonal relationships.

He will be showcasing “octuplets” tomorrow, the Lucy no-show today should take a peek to get the hang of things.

Speaking of families, it’s amazing and sad how a ministry that has helped so many people has a division in it’s own family. Religious persecution and wars are nothing new. As mom always said, how can we expect countries to get along when families can’t?

Makes me wonder how much value organized religion really creates.

Haim Ginott would cetainly have an opinion about that.

Michael Gerber asks us to create a business without us in it. Probably not a bad idea; we can better isolate our prejudice at least.  If we would be wealthy in time and money, Kiyosaki suggests we build pipelines. Working too hard? Let August 16, 1977 be a good example.

When it comes to personal growth, T Harv Eker at Peak Potentials is a Mentor extraordinaire.Due diligence, however, requires each of us to check out the Shadow.

One of the Laws of Wealth that President Barack Obama personifies is a can-do positive attitude.

America is certainly an equal opportunity employer, (or non-employer as the case may be).

About the most inspiring video that mentors us on successful living is perhaps the Last Lecture by Randy Pausch.

Owen Meany doesn’t want to collect unemployment, he wants to find meaning in his life. He wants to help himself by helping others, believing he is an instrument of God. Owen saw the real estate slowdown coming, and learned some new skills trading and investing. He continued to evolve, but finds the playing field is shifting beneath his feet.

And now we are going to impose unfair taxes and make this already difficult business opportunity more challenging?

By the way Senators,  this series isn’t about how unfair life is.

It’s about staying true to ourselves and our values.

I know you believe in that, and perhaps there is some middle ground that we can both agree upon.

This blog is also not about hitting a man when he is down.

I know what that feels like.


Giant News:


Richard Maybury

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JIm Rogers

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Dr. Ben Carson

Make a Contribution:

Library thing is a fabulous tool. (Wonder who found that one?). Readers are welome to suggest books for our library.

Don Miller is the epitome of a Giant in the business of being a small entrepreneur. He earns a handsome living using his gifted hands on a keyboard. Modern technology allows us to run these types of business from diverse geographical locations.

If you are frustrated with your personal financial situation, here is a great read offered by Don, and his reprint of the Chinese Bamboo Tree by Eric Aronson.

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