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In the Profiles of Doers section, we present people who demonstrate the successful application of the wizardz of wealth theory. In this bio, we investigate and showcase a charismatic young man who has made history and hopes to energize a nation beset with many challenges, as well as the global civilized world.

Hail to the Chief, and Best Wishes, Mr. President.



Profile of a Doer


Name:   Mr. Barack Obama

Website:   http://www.whitehouse.gov/contact/

Wealth Review:  November 4, 2008

Business Model:  Politics

Primary Income Generator:  Internet

Revenue:  September 2008 $150 Million

Profits: N/A

Employees:  N/A

Average Time on Task:  24/7, time out for basketball

See how many of our wealth-building “laws” you can spot him using to build his fortune.

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