Image: Work Smarter, Not Harder

Robert Kiyosaki, in the popular Rich Dad, Poor Dad series, tells a wonderful story to illustrate the importance of creating and controlling leveraged financial systems if you have a desire to be wealthy.

Carrying buckets certainly works, but only up to a point. It is an inefficient way to get work done. You are limited by your availability of time as well as your capability to perform a task. “Carrying buckets” represents a “job” or “self-employment.” Your results show a rather limited return for your efforts unless you are a highly paid entertainer, sports star, etc.

A “pipeline” describes an effective system that is implemented to deliver a product or service. It is not limited by the constraints of your time or efforts. It is a “business,” and done correctly, has the potential to create a fortune.

Think pipelines. It is one of the most important, fundamental concepts necessary for the average person to build an outstanding business.

Apply This Concept
Visit our library and find the books that discuss the concept of pipelines. Read and reread them until you understand the concepts. Most importantly, apply them to your situation. We all need to counter the programming we have received through traditional educational institutions. Usually working at a job is a way to take care of our needs in the secure and comfort part of our plan. No guarantees of course, but typically you can expect a salary to be paid as long as you have your job. Our loftier ambitions for building a wealthy lifestyle can better be served by our creative talents. Many people have second jobs to get ahead. What kind of pipelines are you building to bring cash flow into your piggy bank?
Laws of Wealth
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