Image: Is it an Asset or a Liability ?

Leveraging someoneĀ Else’s time is the magic elixir that is purported to be the secret ingredient of MLM success. “Just join the team, (continue to pay us twice as much monthly for what you can buy it at your local store) and we will do all the work for you.” Does this seem like a winning formula to you?

If you run your own business, Other People’s Time (OPT) is a sword that cuts many ways. Staff needs continual training, they need to learn your techniques and secrets to be effective, and they have to remain loyal unless they are to become your competition. Not an easy accomplishment, as we are now talking about drains on your precious time.

Win-win strategic alliances that are created with skilled professionals are a different matter. Leveraging the contacts and credibility of these networks is the essence of building a mega-business. When done on a consignment basis, your risk is minimal but the profit potential is enormous.

OPT can make you rich, or their demands on your time can make you a lowly paid servant. Learn to distinguish when the tail begins to wag the dog: If you have to, trim it back or cut it off.

One of the best kept secrets of the wealthy is to utilize the skills and talents of other people, pay them what they are worth, and still make a profit above and beyond these expenses while adding value to the end user of the product or service.

Your business will prosper in proportion to your ability to demonstrate the sophisticated use of this principle.

Apply This Concept
Look for ways to create mutually supportive alliances. "Downstream." Whose business, or lifestyle, would be dramatically improved by using your business, product, or service? "Upstream." Whose business could profit from your network of clients, customers, staff, or competitors? Look for ways to add value to everyone you meet. Your time invested in applying this principle will reward you with unexpected profits. Don't forget to put your tollbooth in place.
Laws of Wealth
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