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The use of leverage allows you to drastically increase the results of your labor and efforts. Just as the shifting gears in a bicycle make it easier to pedal up a hill, so to do you have tools of leverage at your disposal for creating wealth and to make life easier for you.

The leverage of computers, modern technology, and sophisticated telecommunications systems have provided the average person the opportunity to affordably work from home and create a significant income.

Leveraged financial instruments carry risk, but provide opportunities to create (or lose!) a fortune quickly. Your results depend on your skill and ability in managing the use of leverage.

Think of the leverage created by the use of a smile, or the effect that a pleasing personality has on people.

Marketing guru Jay Abraham asks a wonderful question:

Who is in a position to profit from you being more successful?

If you grasp fully the significance of this question, you understand the value you can derive from the leverage of your relationships with others. Referrals are a terrific source of business and are perhaps the ultimate form of leverage because of their low cost and effective, self-perpetuating nature.

Learn to use leverage effectively. Discover how to use as many “tools of success” as possible in your business. They will get you to where you want to go more quickly and with less effort

Apply This Concept
One of the best ways to use leverage in your business is to focus on doing the best job you can with the clients and customers who are already in front of you. Skillfully making those people happy with your products or service will open the doors to do business with their associates and friends by referrals. These contacts are a walking billboard for your business; the only question that remains is: What are they telling others about you? Don't be in a rush to get referrals. The leverage of word of mouth advertising is ENORMOUS. Earn someone's trust and confidence first. Then ask if they have a friend who could benefit from your help.
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