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Velocity refers to the speed of money: How fast is it reproducing itself? If you want to be wealthy: the faster the better. Would you rather double your money in an hour, or in 10 years?

Obviously other factors need to be considered. In general, money reproduces itself more quickly as you are willing to assume more risk.

Developing skills and expertise in running your business or investing will help you to reduce those risks.

It is often said that the return of your capital is more important than the return on your capital. While this is true, consider that there are exceptions to this rule. Many wealthy traders on Wall Street earn fortunes by giving up small losses when they are wrong, but make outrageous gains when they get it right.

A balanced business or financial plan allows for intelligent speculation as well as for investing.

Cash to assets to more cash. What a great thing to do if you want to be wealthy.

Apply This Concept
Learn to win by losing. The secret of the professionals is that they learn to lose correctly. A savvy business owner test markets his advertising before he rolls out an expensive marketing campaign. A winning trader probes the market with small test buys to see if his judgement is correct. An entrepreneur calculates the market cycle and analyzes risk before committing time and resources to a venture. The bottom line questions to ask: Will I get my money back? (Risk) How quickly will I get it back? (Velocity) What is the expected yield or return on my money? (Reward) Can I live with these results or should I keep looking for a better opportunity? (Highest & Best)
Laws of Wealth
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