Interwoven into the fabric of your mind should be the clear thought that you are building a business.

Please listen: This does not mean that you are self-employed; often these people work harder, but not smarter. They run into boundaries of their time and competency and “hit the wall.” Success only breeds more success until the system breaks down.

If your direct time is involved in running the operation, you do not have a business– you have a job.

Robert Kiyosaki has clearly demonstrated this insight in his many books dealing with creating a rich and rewarding life. Moving from the mentality of being employed or self-employed into a business and investor class moves you into the land of opportunity that is inhabited by the wealthy.

Somewhere in your life plan needs to be a strategy that incorporates making profits. Your need for security may be somewhat provided for by a “job” or by being self-employed. To move beyond that level, however, more sophisticated techniques of leverage will probably be required.

Apply This Concept
No Time, No Money No Time, Money
Time, No Money Time, Money
Most people have either time, but no money to enjoy it, or have money, but no time to enjoy what it can buy. A few poor souls have no time AND no money. A very small few have learned some extraordinary methods to possess Time and all the money to do what they want in life. A surprising thought is that few have actually learned to enjoy themselves regardless of where they are in life.

"Being rich is having money, being wealthy is having time." - Stephen Swid

Laws of Wealth
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