Image: Do the best you can with what you've got
The brilliant marketing/business genius Jay Abraham is one of the strongest proponents of maximizing potential. He suggests that we all have a “Hidden Wealth of Resources,” that, when properly “exploited,” will produce for us a return far greater than we can imagine. “Refuse to get less out of an effort, less out of an opportunity, less out of a day, less out of a dollar, less out of a relationship, than the maximum that activity has the capacity to give you.”

Have you ever been to a lumberyard and seen composition board? “Worthless” scraps of sawdust glued and pressed together to form usable sheets of material in the construction industry: a great example of the principle of “maximum potential” at work.

Look to add value wherever and whenever you can. It is one of the shortcuts to creating wealth. Be the “glue” or the “press” that binds things together and watch your profits soar.

Apply This Concept
Three questions from Jay Abraham that can change your life: Have you identified and valued your true expertise and inventoried your negotiable personal assets? What performance skills have you demonstrated in the past that have not only abstract, but intrinsic value and importance to a business- or a specific type of business? What have you accomplished that people would not only respect, but also desire to learn and utilize to gain the same benefits for their companies?
Laws of Wealth
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