Image: The Strength of Word-of-Mouth Advertising

Do you understand that everything you do should result in a positive promotion of your business? Applying this simple concept with effectiveness will separate your business from the “also-rans” faster than a speeding bullet.

Your focus on Anum Cara* is the lifeblood of your business, but marketing is at the heart of it. You may have the best product, or the best service available, but if no one knows about it you are in trouble.

Catch 22: When you start a new business, how can anyone give you a glowing recommendation? Answer: You need to be patient and give them the opportunity to experience positive results from your efforts. Only then can you expect to reap the harvest of referral marketing.

The more people you actually help, the more promoted your business becomes through their word of mouth advertising. As in “free.”

Do all you can to earn your client’s respect, and then your fortune will appear as if by magic.

*”Anum Cara” can be found in The Mentor by Jack Carew (page 26)

Apply This Concept
We once bought cars and products from businesses that were deceitful and ignored our best interests, capitalizing on their momentary point of power. These businesses failed to recognize that theirs was a fleeting position, one that would soon vanish, leaving us with only the bitter residue of a distasteful experience. No matter how much money these unethical businesses spend on advertising, do you think we will ever return and give them another chance? Do you think we will recommend them to anyone else? All the people you bump into in your business are walking billboards for your business. What are they saying about you?
Laws of Wealth
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