Image: The point of no return

This concept is referred to as the tipping point where a significant change or result occurs.

Think of water: As it is heating up to 212 degrees Fahrenheit, it is still water. Add only one degree more in temperature, and it “boils” and enters into a completely different state. Steam is produced, effective for heating a house, or propelling a locomotive. Germs can be sterilized and neutralized.

When water is reduced in temperature by one degree, from 33 degrees to 32 degrees, it again changes state and now “freezes.” If frozen thick enough, we too can “walk on water!”

Critical mass is this balance point, the precise moment when a further similar direction of a trend continues, and therefore produces an entirely new result.

Let’s take the example of money that is compounding. If you have a reasonable 10% return on $1,000.00 per year, you receive $100.00. If you have a $1,000,000.00 account receiving that same 10% interest, your return is now $100,000.

Could you live on $100,00 a year without any physical effort? Now you know why becoming a “millionaire” is a concept many people dream about.

Critical mass in your financial life occurs when you have a large enough sum of money consistently earning more income than your current expenses. It needs to be realized as positive cash flow in your bank account, not just as phantom gains in equity in real estate or stocks, for example. It then frees up your time from the “necessity of working” to do, perhaps, other things that are of a higher priority in your life.

Apply This Concept
The wizard says you never know when critical mass may be just around the corner. Design your business to achieve critical mass. Gain enough clients or customers, develop enough talent or skills, gain enough knowledge and information, help enough people to make a difference in your life. Then watch momentum take over and elevate you to unbelievable heights of accomplishment.
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