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Chapter One, Book 3

My friend Chris Dodd seems to have gotten himself into some hot water lately.

Don’t blame me, nobody reading this blog but me and you.

Rosa is still MIA, but one day maybe she will respond. She must be a slave to labor.

Speaking of labor, I promised to give you an update on Lucy.

Ali is just like the economy: having contractions.

We had a birthday party for Ali yesterday. A small gathering, including Pop who was there in spirit.

If you are ever in New Haven, you have to try the fried calzones at Tony and Lucille’s. World class Italian food. Even their business is off, and not what it used to be.

It seems every business is off this year, although Joel did mention he saw a TV program about a business that was booming.

Ali is good friends with that family, and she wanted this as her special potential last supper before you know who shows up.

Donna said: “After She is done eating, take her out for a bumpy ride.” Time for Lucy to show up.

Annie said: “We made something special for her”.

I thanked Lucille for the wonderful calzones they made for Ali’s birthday, and added that tomorrow would have been my father’s 89th birthday.

Lucille: “God sure knows how to work miracles, doesn’t he?”

Nanna: “I got this toy bowling set for George.” He was amused by this game, and I needed a nap after he went home.

The only other time I saw George with an attention span as long was in the morning, while he was mesmerized watching Les Mis for 4 minutes and 44 seconds with me.

Me: In all my rambling, I almost forgot to tell you: My friend is following me. When I walked in to Tony and Lucille’s, there was a picture hanging up in their entry way of a younger, slimmer, confident Christopher Dodd.

Oh if we could only turn back the hands of time.  Chris’s friend is following him, and he wishes the sun would stop shining.

My son-in-law Joel got a Bacon fried calzone. Ali got eggplant, she is vegetarian.

I got Ham, what else?

Stay tuned.

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