Image: The pregnant lady syndrome

Were you ever pregnant, and you suddenly began noticing many other pregnant women?

Or, did you decide to purchase a red automobile, and then begin to see red cars on the road everywhere you looked?

In reality, the pregnant women and red cars were always there, but your awareness of them was dramatically increased with your current interest.

Our minds have a filtering device known as the Reticular Activating Device (RAD). It is a valuable tool for keeping out the unwanted information that is continually bombarding us every day. Our generation is subjected to an overload of advertising and we are constantly under the stress of too many stimuli.

The RAD lets in only what it thinks is going to be relevant and meaningful for our needs, while screening out the “noise.” It’s nature’s way of helping us sort through the multitude of situations that are regularly presented to us.

We become what we think about. Now do you see why it is important to constantly charge your thoughts with ideas and pictures of success?

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