Image: Why be extra-ordinarily average?

A great debate continues to be fought over strength and weaknesses. Should we continue to develop our strengths or instead, improve our weaknesses?

While we don’t believe in absolutes, please allow us to express our opinion.

Strengthen your strengths and forget your weaknesses.

Richard Koch, in his book The 80/20 Individual, makes a strong argument for focusing on the creative ideas of our uniqueness that will allow us to generate and retain wealth for ourselves.

Create a small team and collaborate. Delegate your weaknesses to other resources and continue to refine what you do best. You don’t have to be the best at everything. But knowing who to rely on for your weaknesses will help make you invaluable to your customers.

Think about the masters of sports and entertainment, the captains of industry, the business leaders of today who are the best at what they do. They receive enormous compensation from not only their chosen occupations, but from royalties and licensing arrangements. Do you think they are focusing on their strengths or their weaknesses?

We need to adopt the same philosophy and become outstanding at something that will give us the edge. When people think of us, there should be a predominant trait that automatically comes to mind, making us a slam-dunk for their needs so they would never even think of doing business with anyone else.

This pre-emptive marketing edge will only be attained if we continue to develop our best skills and talents – and make them even better.

Physical Growth
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