Image: Continuous improvement

Anyone who has played team sports, be it little league or beyond, probably had a coach who told them to practice as if they were in a real game.

Our body and mind easily develop habits that stay with us and emerge when we are tested. This can be a benefit and a weakness. For instance, the shortstop who lazily stabs for a ground ball in practice because it doesn’t count will almost surely make that same mistake in a game. But the one who concentrates on the proper form at all times will become like a well-oiled machine and simply react to the play without conscious thought.

Use every chance you have to make yourself better at what you do. If you have a piece-of-cake presentation, use it to hone your skills for that tough one lurking in the future. An easy deal to close? Don’t take it for granted, you don’t want to be sloppy on the one that can make or break your business. By taking advantage of every opportunity to practice our skills, success becomes second-nature to us.

Are you making the most of your practice?

Physical Growth
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