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Chapter Four, Book Three.

Lucy and George, I had hoped to give you another lesson the other day, but “sometimes life gets in the way as we are making all our plans.” Babysitting for you both, supporting nephews and nieces and their needs, taking Mom to the Doctors; we do what we need to do in the real world first, then work on our other online activities and interests. We are family and we help each other.

When George was here the other day, we bowled, played football, baseball, golf, read books, used coloring books, sang, danced, and threw rocks in the water. And we laughed. All within an hour after breakfast. (I sure needed a nap by lunchtime, even if he didn’t.)

In your quest for improving yourself, allow me to propose a few thoughts.

  • Be grateful for our small victories, day by day
  • Expect to make clumsy and foolish mistakes, that’s how we learn
  • Skill is a great motivator; try many things while you are young to discover your talents
  • Remember to nourish your Spirit, Mind, and Body
  • Despite obstacles, remain of good cheer
  • Respect your elders, even though they are long past their prime
  • Learn from all of Life’s experiences
  • Never argue with a fool, or soon no one will be able to tell the difference between the two of you
  • Embrace new friends, while we cherish our life-long friends who love us despite our shortcomings
  • Find a spouse and share Love, for better or worse
  • Dream a big dream and make it happen
  • Take counsel from others, but make your own decisions
  • Help yourself, then help as many others as you can
  • Recognize the need for money and the things it can buy, and the things it can’t
  • Choose to be Wealthy
  • Be exposed to Religion, and then determine what works for you
  • Trust in God and believe in yourself

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