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Image: A Baby is proof that God wants the world to continue

Chapter Two, Book Two.

Owen Meany Chapter 3

Mandelbrot: The big and the small, they are one and the same.


Breaking News:

God had a decision to make, and yesterday decided that we should continue on even with all our present problems.

The stock market contracted in lock-step and as painfully today as Ali did.

On March 25th in the year of our Lord 2009, Lucy Hazel was born precisely at 11:31 p.m, and was 7 lbs 2 oz., and 20.5 cm long.

She came into the world kicking and screaming, and her voice made it abundantly clear that she was not happy :

Upon arrival, she was immediately slapped with a bill for $36,135.88, as estimated expenses for her portion of the ever-growing national deficit.


Gonna have to sell lots of lemonade Lucy.

Lemon-aide Lucy; kind of has a nice ring to it. Maybe that will be her nickname.

Lucy: We welcome you into our family, and into our extended family.

Ready to party?

God Bless you Lucy, we are saying a prayer for you.

Pop is smiling, as is Poppy.

The circle of Life continues.

The face of American Religion , however, is changing.


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