Image: Energizing the leverage of relationships

We have all been told that “It’s not what you know, but whom you know that counts.” Let’s take a closer look at this idea.

If you could only choose to be one of these, would you rather be:
talented or well connected ?


Many people assume that introductions to powerful and influential people are a ticket to better business opportunities. They lament that they are not successful because they do not know the right individuals. Potentially, this is true, but common sense suggests the reality is that you need to have “substance” in your character, development, skills and talents before that introduction is going to be made.

Why would a person of integrity want to risk their credibility and reputation (and future ability to influence someone) if they felt that you were of inferior character? Wouldn’t that reflect badly on them?

If we are talented, doesn’t it follow that we will be able to add value once we do seek and find friends that can connect us to people who are in a position to assist us?

The philosophy of self-responsibility says that as we become more, we can expect to get more. Look to make the right connections, but never forget that personal growth is an integral part of “being the kind of person” that someone else feels comfortable introducing and recommending to others.

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