Image: Multi-tasking: the juggler's mentality

Aside from providing constant laughs, the “I Love Lucy” show offers hidden gems for solving problems. Do you remember the “Chocolate Factory” episode? Lucy and Ethel were wrapping chocolates as they came along on the conveyor belt. As the pace picked up, Lucy could not match her own pace to that of the conveyor belt. The result – creative and unusual packaging – she stuffed them everywhere: in her mouth, down her blouse and in her apron! A job that seemed simple enough proved arduous and overwhelming.

In business, we may find ourselves in similar positions with different extremes of activity.

  • Too slow? And we are not challenged enough, waste time and get diminished results.
  • Too fast? And we can’t handle the demands that allow room for mistakes.

The conundrum
How do we discover and determine the correct pace of activity to meet our goals and to maximize our results?

The answer
Work on our present business, but keep our eyes on the future. By developing a “conveyor belt” mentality, when our present business is finished, you will have projects already in place to jump into.

We need to focus on old business, present business, and new business if we like consistency in our paydays.

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