Image: Partners in profits

Symbiotic relationships are a wonderful way to procure more business for all.

During a recent real estate bust, an enterprising entrepreneur named Suzy Q bought a small strip mall at a distressed price. Then she carved up the anchor space, which was rather large, and could afford to offer a number of small businesses the opportunity to open their shops at discounted rents.

Tenants comprised of One-hour photo, dry cleaners, pizza, coffee shop, and a tanning salon all helped her amortize the mortgage. She opened her own video rental center in the strip mall. Her own rent was easily paid for by the rental income, and with the profits duplicated this same scenario in several other neighboring towns.

The customers picking up their dry cleaning conveniently picked up a video and a pizza while they were there. Customers going to get tanned dropped off their photos, which were ready for them when after they bronzed themselves. Employees of these stores as well as customers got their daily cup of Java.

The synergism that is created by a hub of activity benefits all! And when everyone is more profitable, do you think the tenants had any problem paying their rents?

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