There is a normal ebb and flow to the business cycle.

Synchronizing yourself with the natural rhythm of your business allows you greater peace of mind, freedom and results.

If one of your businesses is investing you likely already realize the importance of adhering to this principle. In a market with bullish, upward direction, you “buy the dips” and add to your long positions. In a market with bearish, downward momentum, you “sell the rallies.”

Simply put: Buy umbrellas when the sun is shining and sell them when it rains.

We need to intensify our efforts prior to and during our main season, then shift gears in the off season and find out how we can continue to make forward progress. This may simply mean taking advantage of down time, getting re-balanced and being better prepared for the next required burst of energy.

Understanding your productivity cycle is an important concept to grasp. Apply this understanding to hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly perspectives and watch your results soar!

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