Image: An expansion of boundaries

Today’s technology continues to grow at an exponential pace. When applied properly, it allows you to accomplish twice the work in half the time.

Sophisticated individuals recognize another benefit: that computers, the Internet, telecommunications, cell phones, email and faxes allow you to live wherever you choose and still conduct a global business. Hedge Fund managers know that systems can be utilized to create consistent cash flow while reducing risks.

Mechanized systems don’t need vacations, health care or other benefits and don’t have productivity issues when they are going through crises in their personal life. They do, however, need to be continually monitored, upgraded and kept functional, but the cost of technology has been drastically reduced and is now affordable for even the smallest of businesses.

Whether building a “real world” business or a virtual one, it is easy to harness the tremendous leverage of modern telecommunications. It allows us to build a non-geographically based business. We can live anywhere we choose (within limitations), an important consideration as our desires change.

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