Image: Play the game at both ends

Understanding game psychology is important to your business success.

In tennis, for example, you may be on defense at the baseline hitting ground strokes to your opponent. Seizing an opportunity, you may charge the net where you may more effectively mount an offensive attack. In between those two locations is “no man’s land” where you are virtually ineffective on both offense and defense.

With regard to your product or service:

  • What does your offense look like and what is your defensive plan?
  • Where can you put yourself to be most effective?

On offense we need to think about adding something of value. When thinking about defense we want to take away pain. A realtor helps a client buy a new home (offense). That same realtor helps a client sell their present home (defense). Buyers become sellers and sellers become buyers. Thus the cycle continues.

The best in the business understand that they must be skillful in assisting their clients in making a smooth transition from offense to defense and vice-versa so that they don’t get caught in “no man’s land”.

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