05/01/10 | Comments (0)
Image: Home Sellers: Did you just lose $8,000. ?
Looking into the abyss two years ago, the government threw a Hail Mary pass. Legislation that provided for $8,000 in tax credit for first time buyers, and subsequently in the $6,500 range for other purchasers expired yesterday. As a reasonable ... Read More >
03/07/09 | Comments (0)
The Home front still has issues. Unemployment, continued job losses, excessive inventory, lack of equity are all contributing to continued problems in the economy. Even renters, it seems, need to be concerned. Don't get caught up in the hype... Read More >
09/21/08 | Comments (0)
What does Lehman and Merrill and AIG and Fanny and Freddie have in common? They all know how to lose money big time. Some, it seems are too big to fail. How about you, what size are your debts? You may be eligible to get propped up like s... Read More >
05/31/08 | Comments (0)
Juan is a good friend of mine in the Naples Florida area. He is a real estate broker as well as a mortgage broker,and he has some insights into the plight of the current dismal real estate market. With prices plummeting @ 25% already in the past t... Read More >
05/18/08 | Comments (0)
Negativity permeates the real estate atmosphere these days. It is an important topic, since so many people have much of their wealth tied up in their homes, and some have chosen to finance them with an adjustable rate mortgage. Broadcasting glo... Read More >
10/02/06 | Comments (4)
Is buying a house as a personal residence a profitable way to increase your wealth? Best selling author Robert Kiosaki of the popular Rich Dad Poor Dad series doesn't think so. Let us know what you think about Kiosaki's Conundrum. Read More >
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Real Estate is a hot topic. Share your thoughts on the best time to buy, how much to put down, what kind of mortgage to get, and more in the discussion, "Homeless in America." Read More >
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