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Many small business owners and sales agents state this, hoping to claim it as their reality.

Muhammed Ali was perhaps one of the first and most well known celebrities to assert this mantra, and he had the skill and heart to back it up. He was a true champion (still is) and I loved watching him fight. He was my hero. I can still remember his entertaining antics with Howard Cosell as if it was yesterday.

Whether you loved him or disliked him didn’t matter; you had to to pay to see him victorious or lying on the canvas. He was a true showman and a marketer’s dream.

According to Roy Williams, however, today’s customers see right through this self-proclaimed “We are #1” style of marketing. If you are hoping to sell anything, you had better listen to Roy.

Nobody does it better in my humble opinion. Nobody.

But I digress.

Not as well known, are the following words that were also uttered by none other than the former Cassius Clay: “The service that you give to others is the rent that you pay for your space here on earth.”

Through our free website, we hope that we are doing just that.

Whatever our dreams, we can learn from these two Great men.

Let’s Go for it, and cheerfully pay an enormous rent!

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