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Like a mad dog, he burst into my office yesterday, waving his arms and screaming viciously at me.

I asked him nicely to leave, and he did; only to return with 5 or 6 of his friends. They all were shouting too, and a few of them did the unthinkable.

They pulled pictures out of their briefcases, and showed me photos of cars, of educational courses, of diets.

And of course, naked women exposing themselves all over the place!

Imagine trying to get some work done with those obstacles.

Throwing the intruders out again and again, they kept opening my doors and windows and holding their placards smack in front of my face.

Paltalk. My pal, Right. Evidently, with the mandatory upgrade of Paltalk’s program yesterday, they also installed a lot of advertising loader programs.

If we don’t allow people in the real world to use such abusive behavior, why do we tolerate these cyber-intruders?

My computer guy said they get away with it beause it doesn’t damage your computer, “it’s only advertising”. Great. If we have “hard work ahead of us to do”, I would think that this disruptive behavior is counter-productive for our on-line society. 

The frustrating thing is that I spent $150 last weekend getting my desktop sanitized and put back into working condition. It seems I was infected with a trojan Spyware Protect 2009 , despite using safe anti-virus, malware removers, etc.

Now please remember I am older and doing my best to utilize the modern weapons of business.

My computer was sluggish and lagging, so I dealt with it.

I happen to have 3 computers at my desk, with  6 monitors.

So this can get complicated.


President Barack Obama has his hands full with more important problems than my computers. I am going to write to him anyways. He offered us an open door policy, so I will try to get him to delegate to someone who has already picked out their puppy and solved their other challenges.


We believe in self-responsibility here at this site, so we are not going to wait around for the government to solve our problems. By the time they write their 1000 page report and examine things, it will be time to get another computer.

Here’s what I did.

  • Google: How do I get rid of unwanted ads in paltalk
  • Tried this advice
  • Called my computer guy, he rewrote the code as advised
  • I went to my toolbar, and changed the default settings, including
  • File Transfer (unclicked allow pictures in pop ups)
  • I posted the above information in my chat room, so others could benefit
  • I am telling any of you who will listen to do the same
  • I am sending the letter below to paltalk, as often as I can
  • Keeping my fingers crossed

Pass it on; one person does make a difference. Twitter, facebook, digg, etc.


Change the subject if you send multiple copies


Hey friend

Are u kidding me?


please i need advice


free chat

talk to me

I am mad as Hell and I won’t take it anymore!

yada yada yada


Dear “Pal”


I am unhappy with your unprofessional behavior.

You may not enter my home or office, unannounced, and

  • show me ads at the ridiculous default settings you have
  • show me porn
  • interrupt me without my permission
  • behave like a stammering idiot, inviting all your friends to party at my office or home

Clean up your act or I am no longer interested in using you.

I am mad as hell and I won’t take it any more!!!!!!!!!!!

—– Original Message —–
Thank you for contacting us.
We have generated a support ticket to help us track your inquiry. Your ticket code is XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. Please use this code in any further communication.
Do not see any successful subscriptions on your nickname.We can assist you best by helping you with your payment online with a live operator at http://www.paltalk.com/subssupport.shtml > – Click on the TALK TO ME LIVE link and select ONLINE CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS from the drop down menu, you will then be able to speak with us live in a secure chat.
Thank you
AVM Software Customer Service
Subject: pop ups
I spent $150. this last weekend cleaning and sanitizing this computer.
I upgraded paltalk this morning as prompted, now I have these egregious pop ups and I want them out of my computer NOW.
This is outrageous.








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